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While its creamy texture and earthy taste are enough reasons to enjoy this bright green drink, matcha also provides a variety of health benefits. Here are the top five reasons why matcha is good for your health (and your taste palette). 


Matcha can boost your concentration. 

Matcha can eliminate grogginess and enhance your concentration. It contains not only caffeine (which can boost your concentration) but also the amino acid L-theanine. When combined with caffeine, L-theanine has been shown to stimulate concentration without causing the negative effects associated with caffeine, such as jitters or energy crashes. Matcha gently boosts your concentration and gives you the stamina you need to tackle the entire day. 


Matcha is a great source of antioxidants.

Of all green teas, matcha contains the most antioxidants. In fact, one study showed that matcha contains ten times more antioxidants than other green teas. This is great because antioxidants are a health enthusiast’s best friend. They slow down the aging process, protect the cells from damage, and reduce inflammation. In other words, drinking matcha on a regular basis can help you feel younger for longer. 


Matcha might keep you fit and aid in weight loss. 

Matcha has been shown to boost your metabolism and increase fat oxidation. It contains a catechin called ECGC, which can promote weight loss. In one study, taking EGCG combined with caffeine was associated with lower body weight. In another study, drinking green tea before working out was linked to increased fat oxidation, which is the burning of fat. In other words, drinking matcha every day might stimulate your metabolism and help you burn fat more quickly during exercise. 


Matcha promotes good oral health. 

Matcha contains catechins, a compound that can not only aid weight loss but also protect your teeth. Catechins can remove stubborn plaque from the mouth and fight against bacteria that lead to cavities and tooth decay. In Japan, matcha is regularly recommended by dentists for this reason. 


Matcha can slow the aging process. 

We already talked about how matcha contains antioxidants that contribute to healthy aging, but they aren’t the only anti-aging property matcha contains. Matcha also contains plant molecules that go through a process called xenohormesis. This process occurs when plants grow in stressed environments and, as a result, produce stress-relieving and anti-aging properties in humans when consumed. In other words, drinking matcha can reduce contributing factors to aging in the body, like inflammation and cortisol. 


Matcha is a delicious treat that just keeps giving. If its pleasant taste and beautiful color are not enough to convince you to try matcha, perhaps these five health benefits can. 

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