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Let’s face it. The anti-aging market is evergrowing, and it can seem impossible to ignore the nonstop slew of messages telling us that we need to look younger for longer. 


Moreover, with the beauty industry releasing shiny new products each day, each one promising to make us look younger instantly, it can be easy to overlook a path to anti-aging that produces slower results but is more beneficial in the long run. 


The truth is, we do not necessarily need these products to age beautifully. Rather, we can take a holistic approach to anti-aging. This means focusing on tending to our bodies’ needs from the inside out to ensure a long, healthy life. One way to do this is by looking for natural foods and ingredients that promote longevity, and there’s no better place to start than with matcha. 


That’s right: your new favorite anti-aging product might just be a morning beverage. Matcha tea is a vibrant, versatile, and delicious beverage rich with anti-aging benefits. Here are the top three reasons why drinking matcha tea is great for anti-aging.


Matcha is full of antioxidants. 

Antioxidants provide an array of anti-aging and health benefits. They can protect collagen in the skin, slow the oxidative damage of cells, and reduce inflammation-induced aging. 


Luckily, just one serving of matcha green tea is loaded with antioxidants. It is particularly rich in epigallocatechin gallate (ECGC), an antioxidant compound that fights against cell damage and decelerates aging. In fact, Harvard professor Dr. Sinclair claimed that matcha contains over three times the amount of ECGC than other green teas. In addition, one study found that just one serving of matcha tea can give you ten times more antioxidants than any other kind of green tea. 


Matcha has anti-aging components. 

In addition to antioxidants, matcha tea is composed of plant molecules that go through a process called xenohormesis. These molecules are created when plants grow in environmentally stressed places and, as a reaction, produce components that can reduce stress and slow the aging process in humans when ingested. In other words, drinking matcha tea can actually build up stress resistance in your body and therefore reduce cortisol and inflammation, which are both contributors to aging. 


Matcha detoxifies and de-stresses the body. 

Studies show that stress is linked to accelerated aging. 

Matcha tea contains ingredients that can counteract these effects. For example, L-theanine is an amino acid found in matcha tea that can relax and reduce inflammation. Matcha tea also contains chlorophyll, which removes harmful chemicals from the body. Combined, these ingredients detoxify and reduce any age-inducing compounds in your system. 


Adding matcha tea to your diet can help detoxify and destress your body, which as a result can reduce inflammation-induced aging. In other words, drinking matcha tea can help you feel (and look) healthier for longer. 


If anti-aging is a priority to you, consider adding matcha onto your next grocery list. After all, it will become a tasty, energizing treat to look forward to each morning. 

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