3 Month Gift Subscription

Spread Matcha Love:

Gift 3 months worth of matcha to your friend and loved one. They will receive 30g of Matcha monthly for 3 months. With the 3 month bundle you'll receive a 10% discount. 

How the Gift Subscription works:

Enter the gift receiver's shipping address and pay upfront for 3 months worth of matcha. The first matcha tin will then be sent to the gift receiver the day after you purchased the gift subscription. It's not possible yet to choose a different dispatch date. The other two matcha tins will be sent out 1 and 2 months afterwards automatically. 

What it is: 

Our signature 30g tin of Ceremony matcha powder to prepare your favourite matcha drink at home. It lasts for 15 servings of matcha, and comes in a practical tin - perfect to display at home or take with you wherever you go.

Why we love it so Matcha:

  • 100% organic and sustainable
  • Sourced from Uji, Japan
  • Premium, ceremonial grade quality
  • Perfect to prepare matcha latte, iced matcha etc.
  • High in calming amino acids and detoxifying chlorophyll
  • Jitter-free energy and focus

Restore your mind and body with a calming, uplifting beverage prepared from Ceremony’s traditional Japanese matcha powder. Our ritually cultivated matcha offers a delicious alternative to your daily cup of joe, without the jitters or crash.

    Instructions (Matcha Latte)

    1. Add 1 tsp of Matcha into a Bowl

    2. Add a bit of hot (80°C) water

    3. Whisk, shake or blend well until froth forms

    4. Add your favorite warm milk and fill up your glass

    5. Sip & Enjoy!


    Umami, full-bodied, smooth taste with a lingering sweetness.


    Keep sealed and store in a cool dry place, away from moisture, sunlight and odors.

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