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Sado, or the Japanese tea ceremony is a ritual that revolves entirely around the act of brewing and enjoying matcha. It is an old practice that traces its origins to Zen Buddhism, incorporating teachings such as mindfulness and appreciation for simplicity into the every day act of making tea. Sado is still practiced today in Japan and various parts of the world, and while some take classes to learn it, there are some ways in which we can apply its principles to our own tea time. Here are 3 ways to make drinking matcha a special daily ritual! 


  1. Choose a tea bowl “chawan” that speaks to you

An aspect of sado is appreciation for the items and surroundings around you, and one way to add this to your own ritual is by choosing a tea bowl to drink matcha out of with a design that speaks to you. Tea bowls or chawan come in so many sizes, weights, textures, and designs that it may be hard for a first-timer to choose the best one, but trust your instincts and you’ll find one that is a joy to look at every single time. Ideally, it should be somewhat deep with a wide mouth, especially if you plan on whisking your matcha. 


  1. Whisk your matcha with a bamboo whisk “chasen

A whisk isn’t strictly necessary to make matcha, but is essential in any sado practice. The specially shaped whisk is ideal for whisking within a tea bowl, and aerates the matcha and making it frothy while ensuring you get an even mixture. A regular teaspoon will definitely do at home, but sado teaches us that the process should be just as important as the end result, so using a bamboo whisk will not only add enjoyment to your tea-making process, but make it feel special too. 


  1. Practice Mindfulness with Matcha 

Because the Japanese tea ceremony comes from Zen Buddhism, mindfulness plays a big part in its practice. Today, anyone can reap the benefits of practicing mindfulness, and carving time out for yourself to make and enjoy tea isn’t just good for the body, but for the soul too. When making matcha, put work, play, or other distractions on hold and take your time with the process. Savour the taste of good quality matcha powder, or take your tea bowl out with you to the garden or balcony and just watch the world go by— you’re sure to end tea time feeling good and refreshed! 


Millions drink tea every day, and many of us might have become so accustomed to our daily cuppa that we don’t give it much thought. However, just by making some simple changes to our tea time based on lessons we can learn from sado, we make what’s a daily routine into a ritual instead. If you already love matcha, be sure to give our 3 tips a try and build a matcha ritual of your very own. 

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