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What is Matcha?

Glad you asked. Matcha is a finely ground powder made from shade grown green tea leaves originating from ancient Japanese culture. It has a vibrant green color, umami, smooth taste with a lingering sweetness and can be made into a variety of delicious drinks or pastries. Read more about it here.

How is Matcha made?

Matcha is derived from the same tea plant as all other types of teas — camellia sinensis. Green tea for matcha is cultivated in the shade. This process inhibits photosynthesis, causing the tea leafes to produce large amounts of chlorophyll and other nutrients in the leaves making matcha so green. 

The leaves are then harvested and quickly steamed. Then they undergo a drying and de-stemming process, which will leave only the finest parts of the leaves - the tencha. Afterwards the leafes are stone grinned into a powder. 

Where is your Matcha from?

From the one and only place to get matcha: Japan. To be more concrete: Uji, Japan - which is also known as the birthplace of matcha. It's well known for their 800 year old tradition of matcha farming. We source all of our matcha from a small organic farm in Uji, and are very proud to be their partner. 

What quality is your Matcha?

It's in our name: we only sell quality ceremonial grade Matcha. Ceremonial grade matcha is the highest quality matcha. It gets its name from the traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony, as this is the quality being served there. Ceremonial matcha uses only the youngest, freshest tea leaves on the upper part of the plant. 

You can tell by the color of Matcha if it's high or low quality Matcha. If it's vibrant green: high quality from fresh young leaves. If it's yellowish or even brown, that can't be good. Stay away.

Is your Matcha organic?

Yes! Our Matcha is organic certified after EU, Swiss and JAS (Japan) regulations. Every batch undergoes strict testing. The health of our farmers and customers is important to us so we only sell pesticide-free, purely organic Matcha. 

Is your matcha toxin screened?

Yes. Our matcha is regularly screened for heavy metals, dioxins, mycotoxins, and pesticides. It's important for us that our matcha is safe for daily consumption.

Does matcha contain caffeine?

Matcha contains a small amount of caffeine. A typical serving of matcha contains approximately 34mg of caffeine, about half the amount of that of a cup of coffee. Caffeine in matcha is released slower into the body than with coffee thanks to the amino acid L-theanine, that’s only found in green tea.

What does matcha taste like?

High-quality matcha tastes savoury-smooth, umami with a lingering sweetness. High grades of matcha contain hints of bitterness. 

Low grade matcha tastes bad; muddy, unpleasantly bitter, swampy.

How do I store my Matcha?

We recommend using your matcha as soon as possible after opening to ensure the best experience. Opened the matcha will keep fresh for about 4-5 months. But it's at its best after a month of opening. Always keep your Pouch sealed and Tin completely closed. Keep it in cool and dry conditions, away from strong moisture, sunlight and smell. That way your Matcha stays fresh the longest!

If you would like to keep your unopened matcha fresh for a longer time, we recommend that you store your unopened package in the refrigerator. Take it out and let it get to room temperature before opening, to avoid condensation buildup.

How do I prepare my Matcha?

1. add 1 Teaspoon of Matcha into a bowl

2. mix around 50-60ml warm (80°C, not boiling!) water into the bowl

3. now whisk or shake until a froth forms (10-20 seconds)

4. either enjoy your Matcha straight up (add more hot water) or make it into a Latte by adding 200ml of warm milk of your choice

For more information refer to our How To page

Is your Matcha vegan?

Yes, it's all vegan. Matcha is made out of 100% pure green tea leaves. If you want to enjoy a vegan Matcha Latte, we love ours with Oat, Almond, Coconut or Cashew Milk.

Does Matcha contain sugar? How many calories?

Nope. There’s no sugar and no additives in our matcha. Matcha is made only from green tea. You may add your favorite sweetener to your Latte later if you have a sweet tooth.

Matcha is super low-cal. There's roughly 3 calories in 1 gram of Matcha.

Where do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. There are some countries that we currently can’t ship to due to delivery problems. 

For international orders outside of Switzerland and the EU, customs and duties may apply depending on your country's regulations. These charges are not included in the product price or shipping cost and are the responsibility of the recipient.

How long does Shipping take?

Switzerland: It takes 1 business day for us to ship your order out and then another 1-2 days for your order to arrive. 

Europe: It takes 1 business day for us to ship your order out and then another 2-8 days for your order to arrive. 

Worldwide: Depending on your country it can vary and your order can take between 2-21 business days to arrive. With worldwide shipping problems custom clearance can sometimes take longer than usual. 

Can I return my Matcha?

Please let us know if there is anything wrong with your order and email us at [email protected] with your order number. 


If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product and get a full refund or exchange the product for another one. You can return a product for up to 30 days from the date you purchased it.

Any product you return must be in the same condition you received it. Perishable goods like Matcha are exempt from being returned once being opened.

Please note that the cost of a return is covered by you.

Who's behind Ceremony?

Carolin founded Ceremony end of 2019 out of her strong love for matcha. We're currently a small but passionate team of two Matcha addicts based in Zurich, Switzerland. We are completely independent and do our best to fulfill our vision of making the best quality Matcha, sustainable and pesticide-free, with all it's amazing benefits available to you.

Can I buy Ceremony offline?

We work with a few select stores and cafes that sell and/or serve our matcha. Here you can find a list of our partners. 

Do you offer Ceremony for B2B?

Yes we sell our matcha to some select cafes and stores. If you are interested in serving Ceremony Matcha at your business, please contact us. We are more than happy to talk and see if it’s a fit. 

Do you have subscriptions?

YES! You can have our ceremonial matcha in 30g or 60g as a subscription. You choose if you want it to be delivered every 4, 6, 8 or 12 weeks. You'll even get a 10% discount off on your regular Matcha dose AND don't have to think about ordering new one. Win-Win. 

Are you hiring?

We're always open for support. If you are passionate about matcha and our mission and feel like you could be a valuable addition to the team, please feel free to reach out :)

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