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It can be easy to view life as a glass half empty sometimes, even if you’re someone who likes to look on the bright side. 

You might catch yourself thinking: If I had more freedom at my job, then I would be happier. Or, as soon as I get a pay raise, I will be happier. 

The truth is, no external factor is the key to happiness. Finding true contentment begins with appreciating the moment and what you have today. 

However, this can be easier said than done, especially on days where you feel stuck in a comparison trap. Here are five simple ways to foster gratitude and mindfulness for a happier today. 


1- Use words of affirmation to shift your mindset.

If you feel stuck in a negative headspace, using words of affirmation can help you shift your perspective. 

Picking a positive phrase and repeating it to yourself can motivate you, build up your confidence, and put you in an overall more positive headspace. 

You can also write down your words of affirmation instead of repeating them out loud. 


2- Write a letter of appreciation to someone. 

We tend to be harder on ourselves than on others. Saying positive affirmations may not be enough on days where you feel overly critical about yourself. 

Instead, you may find it easier to share positive thoughts about a loved one. Try writing a quick letter or note to a family member or friend sharing why you appreciate and love them. 

Showing an act of kindness can foster confidence and positive feelings about yourself while truly brightening someone else’s day. 


3- Take a break from social media. 

Social media constantly exposes us to the highlights of our peers, making it easy to compare ourselves to unrealistic standards. 

Disconnecting from social media not only gives your mind a much needed rest, but it also allows you to focus on your life offline and appreciate what you do have. 

Everyone gets stuck in a comparison trap from time to time. Knowing how to notice and gently shift your mindset without judgment can help you stop comparisons from progressing and live a happier life today. 

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