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Let’s face it. Not everyone is a morning person. 

However, with good habits, even night owls can optimize their morning routines and start their days with intention. Here are 5 morning habits for a better start to your day. 


1- Let the natural light in

Do you struggle with getting out of bed in the morning? Opening the curtains may help. Our bodies naturally respond to light, so letting some sunshine into your room can signal your body to wake up and start the day. It is a great way to gently ease into the morning and start the day with intention. 


2- Soak up some sun on a morning walk

If you want to take our first habit even further, another way to naturally wake up the body is by going for a morning walk outside. Similarly to opening the curtains, exposure to natural light alerts your internal clock that it is time to be awake. Plus, moving first thing in the morning can not only boost your energy levels but help you start your day feeling accomplished.  


3- Or, take a moment to be still and meditate 

With a busy schedule, mornings may be the only time you have to yourself. Taking a few moments in the morning to sit still, focus on your breath, and set intentions can help you feel more centered and prepared to tackle the day. In addition, you can elevate your morning meditation routine by first making a cup of matcha. The calming ritual of preparing matcha sets the tone for your meditation practice, and its smooth, creamy taste makes for a great treat in the morning. 


4- Fuel your body with a nutritious breakfast

A good day begins with a good breakfast. It is important to eat a nutritious breakfast so that you can start your day feeling fueled and energized. Plus, eating a nutritious meal can help you avoid a crash later in the day. A healthy breakfast should include a protein, carb, and healthy fat. 


5- Prep the night before 

To get a better start to your day, prepare the night before. Picking an outfit, packing your lunch, or tidying up in the evening can help you avoid feeling stressed and rushed the next morning. By being prepared, you can avoid decision fatigue and start your day in a calm, peaceful way. 


Even if you are not a morning person, there are ways to ensure you have a positive start to the day. By using these 5 tips, you can build a morning routine that works for you. 

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