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How we spend our days can affect how well we rest at night. These five tips can help you get a better night's rest for a better tomorrow. 


1- Incorporate gentle movement 

Better sleep is one of the many benefits of exercise. Incorporating movement throughout your day can relieve stress and burn the excess energy that might be keeping you up at night. You do not need to go to the gym to get these benefits, either. A brisk walk or a few minutes of gentle stretching are enough to relax tense muscles and promote sleepiness. 


2- Soak up the sun 

Our bodies have an internal clock that naturally aligns with the sunrise and sunset. Getting enough sunlight exposure throughout the day can signal to the body that it is time to be awake. Likewise, getting regular exposure to sunlight helps the body know it is time for bed when it gets dark. If you live in a place that does not get adequate sunlight in wintertime, buying a UV lamp can help you regulate your sleep cycle. 


3- Cut out caffeine 

It is no secret that caffeine can disrupt your sleep cycle. Reducing your caffeine intake can help your body become tired naturally at night. You can do so by swapping your morning cup of coffee with matcha tea, which contains less caffeine and causes fewer jitters. 


4- Turn off your screens 

Our households are full of devices (like laptops and smartphones) that emit blue light. Blue light can make our brains believe it is still daytime, which can delay melatonin production and drowsiness. Going tech-free in the evenings can help your body become sleepy naturally. 


5- Have good sleep hygiene 

Just as morning routines set you up for a successful day, nighttime routines can help you prepare for sleep. A nighttime routine that begins around the same time every day can signal to your body that it is time to rest. While everyone’s routine will look different, it should include activities that help you unwind. This might include taking a hot bath, journaling, or reading. 


Sleeplessness affects everyone from time to time. These five tips can save you from nights spent tossing and turning. 

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