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Juggling work and home life while trying to make real connections in a technology-driven world can make our lives seem chaotic and stressful. However, it is possible to find moments of calm in even our busiest days. Here are 5 things you can do right now to reduce stress in your life. 


1- Focus on your breath

When feeling overwhelmed, focusing on the breath is a quick and effective way to recenter yourself. By doing so, your attention shifts to the present moment, which can slow racing thoughts and soothe any stress you may be experiencing. To try, slowly inhale while counting to five. Hold for two seconds, then slowly exhale for five seconds. You can use this technique almost anywhere at any time, which makes it a useful de-stressing tool. 


2- Organize your space

It is common to feel stuck, or even paralyzed, when feeling overwhelmed. However, organizing both your physical and mental space can help recenter your focus and reduce stress. To organize your physical space, try setting a timer for five minutes and spend that time decluttering your surroundings. Doing so can help you regain a sense of control and motivate you to tackle the rest of your to-do list. 


To organize your mental space, set a timer for five minutes again. During this time, write down any worries on your mind, including your to-do list. Read over your list when the timer is completed and choose three tasks that are most pressing to you. Doing so can help you narrow down what is important so that you can tackle your tasks. 


3- Have a routine

Having a routine can be really helpful when feeling overwhelmed, especially if your routine includes calming activities. Perhaps your nighttime routine could include turning off devices to journal and read before bed. Or, you could build a morning routine that includes taking time to make matcha, meditate, and set intentions for the day. Regardless of what you choose to include, setting a routine can give you a reliable system to fall back on when feeling stressed. 


4- Build connections with others 

Humans are naturally social. We rely on connections and community to feel loved and supported in times of stress. However, with more and more time being spent online, our social cup is not always being filled. Whether through work or activities like organized sports, building connections can give you an outlet and a source of support in difficult times. 


5- Limit your time on social media

It is no secret that social media can negatively impact our mental health. Not only can our media consumption cause anxiety, but it also takes up time that could be spent more meaningfully. By going offline, you can build real-life connections that can offer real support, which reduces stress in the long run. 


There are ways to slow down in a fast paced world. These 5 tips for reducing stress can help you recenter and focus your attention on what is most important. 

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