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In today’s nonstop world, achieving mindfulness might seem like a daunting task. However, there are small ways to add mindfulness to your day. Incorporating one or two of these practices into your daily routine can help you add presence and value to your life.


1. Meditate 

Meditation is one of the best ways to be more mindful. Focusing on your breath for even just a few minutes can help you feel more connected and grounded in the present moment. Meditation doesn’t have to just include breathwork, however. Matcha can be a beneficial addition to your meditation practice for a few reasons. The ritual of making matcha can signal your body that it’s time to slow down. In addition, matcha’s high levels of L-theanine, a compound known to reduce stress levels, can help your mind begin to relax. Sipping your matcha while focusing on your breath can help you start your day with intention. 


2. Try to mono-task

Are you guilty of listening to a podcast while sending a business email while also eating lunch? Our busy schedules often make us wear many hats. However, research shows that multitasking can make us less present and less likely to remember important information. Focusing on one task at a time, or mono-tasking, can help enhance our concentration and allow us to focus fully on the present moment. Removing all distractions when working can allow us to be more present and intentional with our work.  


3. Take breaks for movement

Movement is an excellent way to add mindfulness to your day. It makes you aware of your body and its sensations, pulling you into the present moment. In addition, doing simple exercises, like going for a jog, can be a meditative experience. It lets your mind wander as your body works. Practicing mindfulness during exercise can also help you be more intentional about your movement. 


4. Spend time in nature 

Spending time in the great outdoors can help us slow down and be present. In fact, research suggests that time spent in nature is linked to increased positive emotions and awareness of the present moment. Taking in the sights, smells, and sensations while outdoors can help us tune into the present moment and connect with our bodies and minds. 


5. Practice gratitude 

With the prevalence of social media in our lives, it’s easy to get caught up in a comparison trap. When we compare our lives to others, it can remove us from our own experiences, leaving us feeling dissatisfied and disconnected. Practicing gratitude is a great way to reconnect ourselves with the present. It allows us to take time to notice and appreciate what we have in life. You can make practicing gratitude while sipping matcha a part of your daily ritual.


Mindfulness is an act of self-care. Whether going for a walk, practicing gratitude, or making morning matcha, small acts of mindfulness each day can help us slow down and be present amidst our busy lives. 

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