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Journaling is one of the easiest ways to add mindfulness to your life. It lets you get your racing thoughts out of your head and onto paper. Journaling also distances you from your anxious thoughts and allows you to examine them more objectively. 


Forming a journaling routine can help you start your day with intention, collect your thoughts throughout the day, or calm your mind before bed. Plus, you can journal anywhere at any time. All you need is paper and a pen or pencil. A cozy blanket or a soothing cup of matcha can be great additions to your journaling routine. 


Here are 7 journal prompts that foster mindfulness. 


1- What are three things I’m grateful for? 

It’s easy to focus on what is lacking in our lives. Taking a moment to appreciate what you do have and what is going right for you can help build appreciation for the present moment. 


2- What are three urges I resisted today? 

Mindfulness is about accepting where you are and what you have today. Whether stopping yourself from mindless scrolling or saying no to spending money, giving yourself credit where it is due can motivate you to continue on your mindfulness journey. 


3- What am I looking forward to? 

When faced with a long to-do list, it is easy to feel dread instead of excitement. Focusing on what you are looking forward to today can increase motivation and help you regain perspective on what is important. 


4- What went wrong today? 

Mindfulness is not about being perfect. It is about accepting the present moment as it is. Acknowledging the less-than-ideal parts of your day can help you embrace imperfections with compassion and move on. 


5- What will I do differently tomorrow? 

Everyone has bad days. Acknowledging what went wrong and how to improve can help you start tomorrow on the right foot. It also reassures you that you can make positive changes in your life. 


6- What made me feel good today?

Taking the time to notice what makes you feel good is essential for self-care. It helps you know how to help yourself when you are feeling down. Plus, incorporating one or two things that make you feel good into your day can improve your overall quality of life. 


7- What will I do if I get overwhelmed? 

When feeling overwhelmed, it is easy to harbor and carry that stress throughout the day. Having a plan for handling stressful feelings can help you release negative energy and turn your day around.  



Introducing mindfulness into your life can be as easy as doing a quick journal prompt. These seven journal prompts can help you form a journaling routine that you will look forward to every day. 

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