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Curious about the benefits of matcha? This article outlines five perks of adding matcha tea into your everyday routine. 


1- Matcha gives you an energy boost. 

Matcha tea naturally contains caffeine, with up to 70 mg per serving. This makes matcha a great pick-me-up when you are in need of an energy boost. Plus, with matcha tea, you can enjoy increased energy levels without worrying about coffee jitters or a crash later in the day. 


2- Matcha powder is versatile. 

Matcha powder is as versatile as it is delicious. Not only can you use matcha powder to make traditional tea and lattes, you can also mix it into smoothies and recipes and use it in skin care products. Because it is safe to consume and put on your skin, the uses of matcha powder are virtually endless! 


3- Matcha has a unique taste. 

One of the things that make matcha tea most unique is its taste. It has a complex flavor with sweet, nutty, and grassy notes and has been described as having a sweet and slightly earthy taste. This unique blend of notes gives matcha a distinguished taste that is hard to find in other drinks. 


4- Matcha is easy to make. 

You do not have to worry about expensive machinery, filters, and fresh beans when making matcha tea. All you need to make this vibrant green tea is matcha powder, hot water, a bowl, and a bamboo whisk. The simplicity of matcha makes it an easy addition to your morning routine. 


5- Matcha promotes mindfulness. 

Matcha has always paired well with mindfulness. Its use traces back to the traditional Japanese tea ceremony, which involved meditating while making and drinking the tea. Today, the ritual of making matcha can promote mindfulness, encouraging you to slow down and take in the present moment. 


Whether it be its unique taste, natural caffeine content, or simplicity, there are many positives to drinking matcha green tea. 

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