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January is the perfect time to start practicing mindfulness, the act of bringing our attention to the present moment with an open and nonjudgmental attitude. Not only can mindfulness help reduce stress and increase focus and productivity, but it can also improve our overall well-being and happiness. Here's week two of small wellness practices: 


  1. Write down 5 happy moments of the past year. Feel gratitude about great memories and experiences.
  2. Put your legs up for 5 minutes ideally in the morning to activate your lympathic drainage.
  3. Do a grounding meditation to stop overthinking: sit or lay on the floor, feel and focus on all parts that touch the ground, with every exhale imagine you get heavier, imagine that there are roots growing through your body, going deep into the earth. 
  4. Listen to an inspiring podcast episode while cooking, going for a walk, working out or just sitting. 
  5. Drink a big glass of lukewarm water first thing in the morning for better digestion. If you want add some lemon or chia seeds (wait until they swell). 
  6. Clean up your cell phone, delete apps that you no longer use, put all apps in  folders and place social media or other distractions at the last page
  7. Get yourself sweating, go to a sauna, take a hot bath, exercise. 


Consistency is key. Whether it's your daily workout, your morning routine, or your attitude towards life, being consistent allows you to become more reliable and dependable.

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