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In recent years, matcha has found its way into our desserts, lattes, and most importantly, into our hearts. We have fallen in love with the taste and look of the bright green powder and the incredible benefits it provides so matcha (see what we did there 😊) that it has become a part of our daily ritual and no day feels complete without our daily dose of the smooth and silky taste of this green tea wonder.


Whether it is your first time attempting to recreate that matcha latte recipe you saw online or you are a self-proclaimed matcha expert, it can be quite overwhelming to find the right matcha powder, especially with the number of pseudo-matcha brands that have flooded the market due to the increased popularity. To distinguish between high-quality matcha and the mass-produced filler powder, we have put together a checklist that will introduce you to the key points to consider when shopping for your next matcha powder.


The Origin

Premium matcha of the highest quality originates from Japan, where it is harvested and processed following authentic processing standards. The majority of matcha comes from Southern Japan from cities like Uji and Nishio. Matcha distributors should openly disclose where the matcha was produced on their website and packaging. Ceremony Matcha comes from Uji, Japan, and is sustainably sourced following fair-trade customs.


The Ingredients

Premium quality of matcha should consist of only ground-up green tea leaves and nothing less nor more. Unfortunately, there are many products on the market that include filler ingredients such as sweeteners and dilute the concentration of matcha in the product. While checking the ingredient list for something as simple as matcha powder may not be your go-to step, it is important that the matcha powder you are purchasing does not contain any preservatives, additives, natural or artificial flavors. The powder should consist of 100% organic matcha.


The Price

While price should not be the indicator used before the two above, it is important to consider when making your purchase decision. Matcha production is a costly process and the price of a high-quality product is reflected in the pricing of it. The average price of matcha is about $1 per gram, so if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Ceremonial matcha that is typically used in tea ceremonies in Japan and what you should be purchasing to guarantee the highest quality will be an investment, not a steal. You can easily find premium quality 30g tin of matcha in the affordable range of $30-$35 at Ceremony Matcha.


The Color

The highest quality of matcha should be a vibrant green color due to the high amount of chlorophyll it contains. To guarantee the highest nutritional value, look for bright green hues. Duller tones indicate lesser quality and possible filler ingredients in the product.


Getting quality matcha while considering the factors above should become less taxing than the simple trial and error method. A premium quality product will not only taste incredible but will provide you with the benefits matcha has been sensationalized for. Once you find the matcha flavor you love, it becomes a staple in your life. Trust us, we’ve been there!

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