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The classic swiss Christmas cookies 'Mailänderli' gets an update and turns green. The Matcha powder adds an interesting slight bitter dimension to the otherwise sweet and buttery cookie. Matcha acts as a natural food coloring element and makes the form cutting a lot more fun. Get all of your favorite forms out and enjoy an afternoon of Christmas fun. 

Optional you can also cover the cookies after with a matcha-white chocolate mixture. For that melt some white chocolate in a waterbed and add a bit of powder and mix it well so no clumps are left. Once the cookies are ready and cool, dip them top first into the molten chocolate and let them sit again until the chocolate is hardened. Enjoy! 



- 250g soft butter

- 225g sugar

- 2-3 Tbsp matcha

- pinch of salt

- 3 eggs

- 500g flour


How to:

  1. Mix butter, sugar, matcha and salt in a bowl
  2. Mix in all 3 eggs
  3. Mix in flour and form a dough
  4. Cover and cool for 2 hours
  5. Preheat oven to 200°
  6. Roll out portions of the dough with a bit of flour to about 5-7 mm thickness
  7. Cut out favorite cookie forms and place on baking sheet
  8. Bake for 9 min in the middle of the oven
  9. Take out and let them cool

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