Matcha Starter Set

The Matcha Starter Set is for everyone new to matcha. It includes our signature matcha alongside the most essential Japanese matcha preparation accessories.

What it includes:

  • Ceremony Matcha (30g tin)
  • Bamboo Whisk (‚chasen')
  • Bamboo Spoon (‚chashaku')

Ceremony Matcha (30g)

Our signature 30g tin of Ceremony matcha powder to prepare your favourite matcha drink.

Our matcha is 100% organic, ceremonial grade quality and sourced directly from a farm in Uji, Japan. It is perfect to prepare matcha latte, iced matcha or to drink it ceremonial style. Matcha is high in calming amino acids and provides jitter-free long lasting energy and focus. 

Bamboo Whisk ‚Chasen'

Our very own Ceremony whisk. Designed specifically to prepare matcha, a whisk is called “chasen” in Japanese and is made of bamboo. It has been used for centuries in traditional tea ceremony. Our whisks are hand-crafted using a small knife to delicately cut the bamboo into 80 fine prongs.

Using a whisk helps you get a perfectly creamy frothy matcha with a smooth consistency as it allows to mix the powder, water and air to release aromas and essences.

Bamboo Spoon ‚Chashaku'

Our chashaku is handmade out of 100% bamboo and is used in traditional Japanese tea ceremony to portion matcha. Unlike a metal spoon, a bamboo spoon does not charge itself statically, helping the matcha powder to slide off easily. Wipe it with a clean dry towel after each use.

One bamboo spoon is about 1/3-1/2 of a teaspoon - so a normal serving size would be 2-3 bamboo scoops.

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