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Matcha Kit

SFr. 139.00
Matcha Kit
Matcha Kit
Matcha Kit
Matcha Kit
Matcha Kit

Matcha Kit

SFr. 139.00
Tax included.

The complete Ceremony Matcha Kit, perfect for matcha starters and matcha addicts alike. It includes our signature matcha alongside traditional Japanese matcha preparation accessories and comes in a handmade wooden box. 

  • What is included

    - Ceremony Matcha (30g tin)

    - Bamboo Whisk (‚chasen')

    - Bamboo Spoon (‚chashaku')

    Ceremony Matcha (30g)

    Our signature 30g tin of Ceremony matcha powder to prepare your favourite matcha drink. 

    Our matcha is 100% organic, ceremonial grade quality and sourced directly from a farm in Uji, Japan. It is perfect to prepare matcha latte, iced matcha or to drink it ceremonial style. Matcha is high in calming amino acids and provides jitter-free long lasting energy and focus. 

    Bamboo Whisk ‚Chasen'

    Our very own Ceremony whisk. Designed specifically to prepare matcha, a whisk is called “chasen” in Japanese and is made of bamboo. It has been used for centuries in traditional tea ceremony. Our whisks are hand-crafted using a small knife to delicately cut the bamboo into 80 fine prongs.

    Using a whisk helps you get a perfectly creamy frothy matcha with a smooth consistency as it allows to mix the powder, water and air to release aromas and essences.

    Bamboo Spoon ‚Chashaku'

    Our chashaku is handmade out of 100% bamboo and is used in traditional Japanese tea ceremony to portion matcha. Unlike a metal spoon, a bamboo spoon does not charge itself statically, helping the matcha powder to slide off easily. Wipe it with a clean dry towel after each use.

    One bamboo spoon is about 1/3-1/2 of a teaspoon - so a normal serving size would be 2-3 bamboo scoops. 

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