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Organic Matcha Tea 60g

SFr. 49.00
Organic Matcha Tea 60g
Organic Matcha Tea 60g
Organic Matcha Tea 60g
Organic Matcha Tea 60g
Organic Matcha Tea 60g

Organic Matcha Tea 60g

SFr. 49.00
Tax included.

What it is:

Our signature 60g bag of Ceremony matcha powder to prepare your favourite matcha drink at home. It is ceremonial grade, sourced directly from a farm in Uji, Japan. It lasts for 30-60 servings of matcha, making it the ideal size for matcha lovers. Order a subscription if you drink matcha daily!


"Beautiful colour, great texture and amazing taste! I have been drinking matcha every single morning for 10 years and it is so difficult to find matcha this good." - Customer Review


Why we love it so Matcha: 

  • 100% organic and sustainable
  • Sourced from Uji, Japan
  • Premium, ceremonial grade quality
  • Handpicked & Stoneground 

Restore your mind and body with a calming, uplifting beverage prepared from Ceremony’s traditional Japanese matcha powder. Our ritually cultivated matcha offers a delicious alternative to your daily cup of coffee.

    • Instructions

      1. Add 1 Tsp of Matcha into a Bowl

      2. Add about 50ml of hot (max. 80°C) water

      3. Whisk, shake or blend well until froth forms

      4. Add your favorite warm milk and fill up your glass

      5. Sip & Enjoy!

    • Quality

      - Ceremonial grade

      - First harvest

      - 100% natural

      - Pesticide free

      - Certified organic

      - Vegan

      - No sugar

    • Taste

      Umami, full-bodied, smooth taste with a lingering sweetness.

    • Storage

      Keep sealed and store in a cool dry place, away from moisture, sunlight and odors.

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