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Matcha whisks, or chasens, are delicately crafted and designed for making the perfect cup of matcha. This article provides tips on how to care for your chasen and extend its longevity. 


What is a Matcha Whisk? 

A matcha whisk or chasen is a whisk specifically designed for matcha preparation. It is made from bamboo and has delicate prongs that help break up the matcha powder and form it into a frothy texture. It can also help balance the taste of matcha and decrease bitterness. 


Blooming Your Whisk on the First Use

Before diving into your matcha whisking adventures, it's essential to prepare your chasen for its initial use. This step ensures your whisk is at its best from the very beginning. Before using the matcha whisk for the first time, immerse it in a cup of hot water for approximately 1 to 2 minutes. This process serves two critical purposes: first, it cleanses the bamboo, removing any impurities that may affect the matcha's flavor. Second, it gently opens up and unfurls the delicate prongs, which is a natural characteristic of a new chasen. This unfolding process enhances the whisk's performance, resulting in better froth formation during whisking.


Preparation Before Every Use

Now that your chasen is primed and ready, let's delve into the essential preparation steps you should follow before each use. Before you begin whisking your matcha, soak the chasen in a cup of warm water for about 20 seconds. This brief pre-soak softens the bamboo prongs and increases the whisk's flexibility, making it less prone to damage during the whisking process.


How to use your Matcha Whisk

To use your chasen, gently but swiftly move your whisk in a W or M-shaped motion. This helps you avoid scraping the bamboo whisk against the sides of the bowl, which can quickly weaken or break its prongs. You should also avoid touching the bottom of the bowl with the chasen by keeping it slightly lifted in the bowl. 


How to clean your Matcha Whisk after use 

After making matcha, dip your chasen in warm water and rinse any remaining matcha residue. This is an important step, as leaving matcha residue on the whisk can cause mold to develop. You should also not clean your whisk with soap or put it in the dishwasher, as this can quickly damage the prongs. 


You should also properly dry your whisk to extend its use. Putting the chasen on a whisk holder is the best way to do so, as it helps the whisk keep its original shape and allows the prongs to quickly dry. You can also let the matcha whisk dry on its handle, but doing so can lead to mold. 


For this reason, we recommend a chasen with a whisk holder. Our Organic Matcha Ceremony Set includes a bamboo whisk and whisk holder to get you started. 


Final Thoughts 

While delicate, knowing how to properly use and care for a matcha whisk can help extend its longevity. Rinsing your matcha whisk before and after use can keep it clean and free from harmful residue. It is also worth purchasing a whisk holder so that your whisk can quickly and properly dry without developing mold. 

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