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Matcha tea may be a new health trend in the Western world, but its rich history dates back centuries. This article dives into the history of matcha, where it comes from, and where to buy the best matcha powder today. 


What is matcha tea? 

Matcha tea is a green tea powder. It is known for its vibrant green color and sweet, slightly earthy taste. 

Matcha tea is made by grinding dried matcha tea leaves into a powder. It is then mixed with hot water and whisked until a foamy texture is formed. It is also the only tea type in which the entire leaf is consumed.

Matcha is a versatile powder. It can be consumed on its own, made into a matcha latte, or added to recipes and skin care products. 


Where does matcha come from? 

Matcha tea has a long history, with its first use dating back to the 12th century. It is believed that the Zen monk Eisai first introduced matcha seeds to Japan in 1191. According to legend, he planted the seeds in the gardens of Kyoto’s Buddhist temple. He then grinded the leaves to make the matcha green tea powder that we know and love today. 

Soon after Eisai’s introduction, matcha tea became an integral part of the Japanese tea ceremony, a ritual that involves preparing and making tea and is meant to promote mindfulness and well-being. Matcha tea's calming yet stimulating effect complemented this tradition well. 


Where to find matcha tea today

It is true that the best matcha in the world still comes from Japan. Because of this, it is important to look at ceremonial-grade matcha sourced from Japan when buying matcha powder. More specifically, you should look for matcha powder that is sourced from the Kansai or Nishio region of Japan where matcha production is most abundant. Our Ceremony Organic Matcha Tea contains powder sustainably sourced from Uji, Japan, ensuring you get the highest quality of matcha in every scoop. 


Matcha tea is a delicious beverage with a unique history. Buying ceremonial grade matcha sourced from Japan can enhance your matcha tea experience. 

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